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the film

FRIENDS OF SOPHIA is a 25-minute sci-fi short film that uses queer history as the core for sci-fi worldbuilding. With a vibrant visual style inspired by queer nightlife and gritty science fiction films from the 80s and 90s, FRIENDS OF SOPHIA goes beyond the inclusion of queer characters by constructing an entire sci-fi world rooted in queer life, joy, and discrimination throughout the decades — from 1954 to 1984 to 2024.




In a dystopian future, citizens live and work in Company towers a thousand stories tall, bound by a strict contract to build robotics for a far-off war. Unsanctioned vices, especially relationships with the androids they build, are severely punished. When Conor watches the vice police arrest his neighbor, he fears he and Dosso, the hacked android he loves, will be next. As they attempt to flee the tower, Max, the head of the Vice Department, sets a plan in motion that will tear Conor and Dosso apart — and introduce Conor to a renegade group called the Friends of Sophia.

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